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Risk & Exposure

Understand the risk and business impact of attacks in your environment.

Cyber Risk Modeling

Let’s face it: current approaches to modelling and quantifying cyber risk can be complex and confusing. They often fail to provide clear insights into an organization's true level of exposure or the effectiveness of specific controls in reducing risk. This makes it difficult for decision-makers to prioritize resources and identify the most impactful cybersecurity investments.

BeyondRisk's Risk and Exposure Modeling offers a solution by enabling executives and board members to better understand and address cyber risk. It allows senior executives and board members to change the way they think about cyber risk. By creating a framework that quantifies current risk and continuously assesses the potential impact of various security measures, organizations can develop a more comprehensive and effective cybersecurity program. This approach helps organizations identify key factors that could potentially impact their business and make informed decisions to mitigate risk.

Why it matters

Demystifying Cyber Risks

Cyber Risk Quantification is one of the best ways to communicate cybersecurity in business terms. By calculating the potential financial loss from a cyber breach, organizations can better understand and prioritize their cybersecurity risks. This information can help inform decision-making and guide investments in cybersecurity measures.

Prioritizing Initiatives

By modeling cyber risks and their potential impact, organizations can more effectively allocate resources and make informed technology investments. This helps ensure that resources are directed towards addressing the most pressing cyber risks and that investments in cybersecurity measures are aligned with risk priorities.

Effective Risk Transference

Quantifying cyber risks allows organizations to make informed decisions about transferring risk through the use of cyber insurance. By understanding the potential financial impact of cyber risks, organizations can better evaluate the coverage options available and determine the appropriate level of protection as part of their overall cyber resiliency strategy.

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