Introducing BeyondRisk
RiskTracking™ Technology

Unique agentless technology amplifying value out of existing security and infra investments.

How does RiskTracking™ work?

Our unique agentless technology ingests data from all sources across your technology stack - security, infrastructure and applications through pre-built out-of-the-box technology adapters.

To bring about context and insights, RiskTracking™ continuously normalizes, de-duplicate, and correlates collected data, providing a unified view across all users, accounts, assets, systems, and applications.

With the normalized and correlated data, RiskTracking™ begins to identify and quantify risk areas, providing a baseline view of your security risks across locations, departments, users, and assets.

Lateral risks and coverage gaps are identified down to users and accounts level. Maturity scoring is performed against industry compliance frameworks such as NIST.

BeyondRisk removes the need for laborious data consolidation when it comes to reporting. Real-time dashboards and reports are automatically generated based on business needs. Granular modeling brings business context to risks - highlighting financial impact and program improvements over time.

Adopting a risk-based approach towards cyber security!


A unified view of your enterprise environment

BeyondRisk RiskTracking™ technology uniquely connects to the entire technology stack, breaking down information silos and removing the need for manual data gathering - providing security, tech, and application stakeholders with a single view of their enterprise technology stack.

BeyondRisk revolutionizes the approach toward risk prioritization and remediation and aligns with global frameworks such as NIST.

Answer these critical questions through the BeyondRisk Platform!

With BeyondRisk, for the first time, enterprises can now answer critical questions like:


Where are our critical assets or crown jewels?


Where should we prioritize based on risks and impact?


How are our security programs performing over time?


How are we compared to industry peers?

Only BeyondRisk provides the much-needed context and insights to measure, manage and reduce cyber risks across your entire enterprise attack surface.
BeyondRisk’s innovative platform provides a single source of visibility and lays the foundation to move towards a risk-based security approach. It enables information and cyber security professionals to assess and prioritize remediation of critical risks across the organization.
Dor Liniado
Standard Chartered Bank
In today’s rapidly evolving risk landscape, point-in-time risk measurement is quickly outpaced. BeyondRisk provides enterprises with the ability to move towards continuous Risk monitoring and allows for a more agile approach to identifying and remediation of cyber risks.
Ken Foster
Former Head of Global Cyber GRC

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