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Cyber threats are constantly evolving and attack volumes are rapidly increasing, making it difficult for organizations to invest in the right security measures. Implementing a cybersecurity framework can help manage these increasing risks by providing a set of standards, guidelines, and best practices. It's important to note that a framework is not a set of rules, controls, or tools, but rather a set of processes to enable organizations to assess their current cybersecurity and risk posture and identify ways to improve it over time. Automating the process of evaluating an organization's progress against a framework can save time significantly and improve analyst efficiency.

Why it matters

Creates an iterative approach

Adopting a security framework enables an iterative, adaptive, and responsive cybersecurity posture that is better equipped to handle evolving threats. Instead of relying on one-off audits, implementing a global framework transforms your organization into a state of continuous compliance, strengthening your overall approach to securing assets. Automating the process of tracking and maintaining compliance with a framework helps ensure ongoing protection against threats.

A framework built for stakeholders

Cybersecurity maturity frameworks are designed to be easily understood by all stakeholders, including technical and business teams. By adopting a global framework, your organization can improve communication and facilitate decision-making, leading to easier justification and allocation of budgets and resources. Implementing an automated framework can also result in a more streamlined and efficient process for managing cybersecurity risks and maintaining compliance.

Achieve a global standard

Cybersecurity maturity frameworks are developed by security professionals with global expertise and are widely recognized as industry best practices. These frameworks provide a comprehensive set of controls to address potential gaps in an organization's cybersecurity strategy. Adopting a global cybersecurity maturity framework can help ensure that all potential vulnerabilities are identified and addressed, improving an organization's overall security posture.

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