Manual Risk and Compliance? Even grandma would laugh.

Automate with BeyondRisk, perfectly priced at $0!

Out with Manual Work, In with Automation in T-Minus…


Last year, we left ‘Risk Quantification Mountain’ in our rearview mirror,

Transforming how you measure and understand cyber risks with business context.

This year, we’re going beyond risk and beyond spreadsheets.

Ready to toss out the spreadsheets and jump on the fast track to automation?

The Problems and Challenges We Solve:
From Issues to Resolutions
Frustrated with resource-intensive, spreadsheet-based assessments?
Struggling to Automate your SOC 2 readiness?
Struggling to stay updated with NIST CSF, PCI DSS 4.0, GDPR and ISO 27001?
Struggling with prioritizing risks and vulnerabilities due to a lack of relevant context?
Overwhelmed by the lack of unified visibility due to an overload of disparate security tools?

Value-Based Pricing, Pay-as-you-Grow

Less than the cost of one full-time employee. More value than a team of ten.

And did we mention we have a freemium version? That’s right, $0 for life.

Retire Your Spreadsheets
Getting started with Automation
Risk and Compliance Automation Wizard









1st in industry, transform the way you invest in risk and compliance software
Pay-as-you-grow model, pay only for what you need
Enable team collaboration with automation
Swap manual spreadsheet work for automated ease
Evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls
Prioritize risks and vulnerabilities with business context
Shift from point-in-time assessments to continuous monitoring
Auto-generate regulatory evidence (through adapters integration)
Continuously monitor your control effectiveness
Replace manual cyber risk registers with automated, data-driven versions

BeyondRisk sales reps are here to help, not to hinder.

Reach out to them when you need assistance, clarification or perhaps a quote for a larger team.

Disclaimer: We’ll reveal our full pricing details at launch! No hidden fees, no secrets.

What our fans say about us

BeyondRisk is helping cybersecurity and IT risk professionals solve two, long-standing problems: accurately assessing and quantifying enterprise risk; and easily communicating risk to the Board and senior leadership in financial terms.

Elias Oxendine IV


Yum! Brands

BeyondRisk’s innovative platform provides a single source of visibility and lays the foundation to move towards a risk-based security approach. It enables information and cyber security professionals to assess and prioritize remediation of critical risks across the organization.

Dor Liniado


Standard Chartered Bank

In today’s rapidly evolving risk landscape, point-in-time risk measurement is quickly outpaced. BeyondRisk provides enterprises with the ability to move towards continuous risk monitoring and allows for a more agile approach to identifying and remediation of cyber risks.

Ken Foster

Former Head of Global GRC,


Why choose BeyondRisk?

Discover what sets us apart in this quiz


What’s your take on managing industry standards and regulatory frameworks?

I love the thrill of navigating it manually.

An admirable sentiment indeed!

Manually navigating standards and frameworks might feel like an exciting challenge, but it's a high-stakes game where any oversight could mean significant consequences. You're risking inefficiencies, missed updates, and even non-compliance. With BeyondRisk, you get an automated, data-driven solution that effortlessly keeps up with changes, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. It's the same journey, just with a reliable, high-tech compass!

A software that just covers the basics works for me.

Comfort in the familiar is understandable,

But 'basic' might mean you're missing out on crucial insights and capabilities. A 'basic' tool may cover general standards, but what about industry-specific ones? And how about handling updates and changes in those standards? With BeyondRisk, we go beyond the basics. Our platform uses automation and analytics to provide comprehensive coverage, timely updates, and actionable insights. It's about making the basics exceptional.

Give me a comprehensive, data-driven automated solution any day.

That's the spirit!

With BeyondRisk, you're signing up for more than a data-driven automated solution. You get a platform that keeps you ahead of the game, fully updated with changes in standards and regulations, and equipped with actionable insights. Welcome aboard the efficient, comprehensive, and ever-evolving world of risk and compliance management!


When it comes to pricing, how do you prefer to play it?

Paying a full flat fee even if I’m only using a fraction of the services.

Old-school, indeed! But is it cost-effective?

The one-size-fits-all approach can lead to paying for unutilized features, draining resources that could have been better invested. With BeyondRisk, we've turned this model on its head. Our pay-as-you-grow model ensures you only pay for the services you use, maximizing value and efficiency. Because why pay for an entire buffet when you're just enjoying an appetizer?

Working through endless sales qualifying questions just to get a quote.

Sounds like a marathon just to get a price quote!

Interacting with sales reps and SDRs, providing answers that seem to lead to even more questions, just for that elusive price quote! With BeyondRisk, we cut to the chase, offering clear, transparent pricing. No salespeople, no SDRs, just you scaling up at your own pace. Now, that's a path worth considering, isn't it?

Value-based, pay-as-you-grow model. Invest only in what you need.

A connoisseur of efficiency and fairness!

Say goodbye to sales reps and SDRs. With BeyondRisk, we place value and fairness at the forefront. Our pay-as-you-grow model means you pay for what you use, when you use it. No more overpaying for unused features, and no more underutilizing what you've paid for. It's a new dawn for value-based pricing. Welcome to the future!


How do you feel about API adapters?

Any kind of adapter will do. Just plug it in and forget it.

You prefer a hands-off approach!

And we can appreciate the straightforwardness. But, have you considered what you might be missing with a 'plug and forget' adapter? With BeyondRisk's API adapter, you're not only connecting systems, but unlocking data analytics that can provide key insights into risk and compliance management. It's not about complicating the process, it's about maximizing the value of your tech stack.

Basic asset correlation and compliance controls mapping will do.

While that's a good start,

We believe you should expect more from your API adapter. Isn't there more to risk and compliance than just correlating data and mapping controls? BeyondRisk's API adapter goes the extra mile by providing advanced risk scoring and control effectiveness measurement, offering you a comprehensive view of your risk landscape. Don't just settle for the basics when you could have a more advanced solution.

A multi-layered data analytics tool with advanced risk scoring capabilities.

Well, aren't you a visionary!

BeyondRisk's API adapter is not just about connectivity, but a comprehensive data analytics tool. With our adapter, you're not only connecting systems but unlocking a treasure trove of insights. Risk scoring, control effectiveness, comprehensive compliance mapping - we've got it all. Welcome to a new era of data connectivity!


When it comes to managing your cyber risk register, what’s your style?

I prefer to keep it all in my head.

An impressive feat of memory indeed!

But human memory, however powerful, is prone to errors and inconsistencies. With this approach, you're risking oversight, duplication, and lack of proper risk assessment. BeyondRisk's automated cyber risk register ensures no risk goes unnoticed, and every threat is quantified and tracked, freeing up your mind for strategic decisions. It's not about replacing memory; it's about enhancing efficiency.

Manually updating and reviewing my risk register on spreadsheets.

Manual control can be reassuring,

But it's also time-consuming and error-prone. And is it really control if you're spending more time updating spreadsheets than assessing risks? With BeyondRisk, we augment your control with automation. You're still in the driver's seat, but with a much more powerful and efficient engine at your disposal. It's time to step away from spreadsheets and embrace the future of risk management.

Automated, data-driven, with risk prioritization and scoring.

We couldn't agree more!

BeyondRisk is built with efficiency enthusiasts in mind. Our automated, data-driven risk register not only saves time but provides comprehensive risk assessments, scoring, and prioritization. We're not just automating; we're enhancing your risk management strategy. Welcome to a new level of efficiency and precision in managing cyber risks!


What’s your preferred route to getting access to software solutions?

Scheduled meetings and long negotiations to get my software key.

The traditional dance of procurement can have its charm,

But it's not without its costs. Every scheduled meeting, each negotiation, delays your access to solutions that could be streamlining your operations. With BeyondRisk, we cut through the red tape to deliver immediate access. You don't "earn" your software access – you get it upfront, so you can begin making strides in risk and compliance management without unnecessary delay.

Surviving sales reps and SDR’s barrage of sales qualifying questions.

While suspense can add an element of excitement,

It can lead to inefficiencies when you're trying to get access to software solutions. Every form you fill and every sales qualifying question from sales reps and SDRs you navigate, can slow down the process significantly. BeyondRisk has a more efficient approach. We bypass the drawn-out, suspense-filled process and provide immediate access to our solution. With BeyondRisk, there's no need for the traditional dance with sales reps and SDRs - it's all about swift, straightforward results.

Immediate access, free signup, global reach, AND no qualifying sales questions.

You, my friend, are a connoisseur of efficiency and modernity!

You've got your priorities right - quick access, minimal signup hassle, a global footprint, and yes, a freemium version that makes spreadsheets a thing of the past. That's exactly what BeyondRisk offers. Your no-nonsense, efficiency-driven approach resonates with ours. Welcome aboard - we're thrilled to have you in the era of smart risk and compliance automation!


How do you perceive the integration of risk considerations

within compliance management in terms of tools and approaches?

Compliance is my focus. Risk considerations are secondary.

Ah, the clasic approach.

It's a common perception, but it overlooks the potential of integrating risk management into compliance activities. Compliance can indeed reduce risk, but when not aligned, it could leave your organization exposed to unforeseen threats. BeyondRisk’s integrated platform considers risk as a core part of compliance management, ensuring your compliance efforts directly contribute to reducing overall risk.

Isn't it easier to keep compliance and risk considerations separate?

At first glance, it might seem simpler to keep compliance and risk considerations separate.

However, this approach can lead to misalignment and a lack of coherence in your security strategy. At BeyondRisk, we believe that risk is integral to effective compliance management. By integrating these elements, we can help streamline your processes and ensure your compliance efforts directly align with your risk management strategy. 

Risk considerations are a fundamental part of compliance. Unified approach is a must.

We couldn't agree more!

Integrating risk considerations into compliance management isn't just a 'nice to have', it's a strategic necessity. With BeyondRisk’s integrated approach, we ensure that compliance activities directly contribute to reducing overall risk, providing a more comprehensive, efficient, and robust defense for your organization. Welcome to the new era of risk-aware compliance management.


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Michael Stoppelman

Former Senior Vice

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Elias Oxendine IV


Yum! Brands

Dor Liniado


Standard Chartered Bank

CK Chim

Former Global CISO


Kenneth Foster

Former Head

Global Cyber GRC


Ariel Lemelson

Global Director,

Cyber Defense,

Danny Lee

Former Chairman


Rohit Gupta

Former Investor

ForgePoint Capital

Bola Adegbulu

Entrepreneur in Residence


Rohit Gupta

Former Investor

ForgePoint Capital

Bola Adegbulu

Entrepreneur in Residence


Still here? Perfect!

Our fans are on board, our investors and advisors are thrilled.

Now it’s your turn. Sign up for the waitlist, and say goodbye to

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Out with Manual Work, In with Automation in T-Minus...


BeyondRisk is driving more value

out of existing security and infra investments!

Ariel Lemelson

Global Director,

Cyber Defense,

BeyondRisk is modernizing cyber risk prioritization with advanced analytics and automation!

CK Chim

Former CISO,


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