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BeyondRisk – Introducing industry’s 1st DataOps platform for measuring and managing cyber risks.


Visibility across all enterprise assets


Improved accuracy in estimating cyber insurance needs


Amplified value from your existing investments


Evolving Landscape

Cybersecurity is a critical business issue that every executive wants to prioritize in theory. Today, most organizations operate under a maturity-based cybersecurity approach that seeks to monitor everything constantly. The question is, how do we go about building an effective security baseline for the organization to empower business and security executives to make risk-based decisions?

Lack of Prioritization

Maturity-Based Model

A maturity-based model applies equal levels of control and monitoring over every asset. As the number of assets grow, the cost of such a model will inevitably grow prohibitive. And as the amount of data and information continues to grow, business and security operations get bogged down.

Prioritization of Resources

Risk-Based Model

A risk-based approach is the solution to this problem. With a risk-based stance, business and security executives are able to identify critical assets - high-risk assets with significant impact to the business if compromised, and prioritize budgets and resources accordingly.

Do more by doing less

Introducing BeyondRisk RiskTracking™ Technology

RiskTracking™ is a unique agentless approach to measuring and managing cyber risks, scaling to any environment with zero impact on resource or workload performance. It connects in minutes and collects data from every layer of your technology stack without slowing down your business operations, and amplifying value out of your existing security and tech investments.

Risk-aware security

RiskTracking™ helps overloaded security teams work smarter so they can focus on what matters most. Breaking down information silos, BeyondRisk leverages the full context of your entire data stack by aggregating, correlating, and mapping all assets, users, and application relationships - allowing risk prioritization and remediation based on the financial impact to the business.

Eliminate point-in-time assessments

Point-in-time risk assessments tend to provide a snapshot of an organization's risk posture at a given moment in time. Unfortunately, changes in attack methods and software vulnerabilities can come at any time, not just on a predetermined schedule. The evolving threat landscape is requiring organizations to move away from point-in-time assessments and to engage in continuous monitoring. RiskTracking™ provides a new way to proactively and continuously monitor for new risks, helping companies proactively mitigate new risks as they happen.

Visualize your entire technology stack

The perfect stack brings about greater productivity. Adoption increases when team members know what tools are available at their disposal. The problem is, it's not easy getting visibility over a growing number of interconnected technologies across different business functions. RiskTracking™ is designed to help organizations visualize their entire technology stack, allowing different business functions track risks and prioritize budgets and resources accordingly. By continuously monitoring and analyzing the entire technology stack, RiskTracking™ builds a real-time asset map - from users to devices, to workloads and applications.


Why Teams Trust BeyondRisk

BeyondRisk amplifies value out of existing security and technology investments, delivering a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire technology stack to security, technology and risk teams.

BeyondRisk Score
Low Risk
BeyondRisk automatically measures your organization's maturity levels against industry frameworks like NIST, allowing security teams and CISOs to easily communicate where the organization is today in terms of control maturity. This enables security teams to develop plans to achieve higher maturity levels over time and prioritize budgets and resources accordingly.
BeyondRisk agentless, SaaS-based asset modeling capabilities provide technology teams instant visibility across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. Empowering them to discover critical assets from any layer of the business function in minutes - detecting coverage gaps and meeting compliance requirements.
Gartner’s survey of more than 250 risk and compliance leaders shows that the outdated point-in-time approach to risk assessments, which emphasizes exhaustive upfront due diligence and recertification for risk remediation, is no longer effective in today's fast-evolving threat landscape. BeyondRisk provides a new way to continuously monitor for new risks, helping companies gain operational command of their security posture and proactively mitigate new risks as they happen.

BeyondRisk Adapters

Easy to deploy, One unified view

BeyondRisk partners and integrates with industry leading vendors to bring you real-time end-to-end asset visibility and risk context across your entire organization. Drive value out of your existing security and infra investments by integrating BeyondRisk with the tools you already use.

BeyondRisk is helping cybersecurity and IT risk professionals solve two, long-standing problems: accurately assessing and quantifying enterprise risk; and easily communicating risk to the Board and senior leadership in financial terms. Through its innovative approach, BeyondRisk employs automation to extract data from multiple sources, eliminating substantial manual efforts, then transforms it into real-time risk insights. This is an accomplishment that has not been achieved before.
Elias Oxendine IV
Yum! Brands
BeyondRisk is the first platform to provide complete risk visibility of all assets across cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments. Providing enterprises with best-in-class risk categorization and prioritization with zero impact on systems.
Hussein Kanji
Hoxton Ventures (Investor in Darktrace)

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